Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Final Cut

The film is now officially complete. No more going back to the drawing board. All the drawing is done, the hands have tired. We went back to the original cut, made it a little tighter (its now 74 minutes long) and added a few more photographs, done a bit of juggling in the structure. I must say its looking quite nice now. I have seen the film over a 100 times and I still enjoy Mr. D's voice (and Bijoy and me know every single word in the film).

There was a screening at MLR Convention Centre on the 1st of May. The response was fantastic. The students loved it and we had a lovely Q&A after. These things feel good. Unfortunately Bijoy wasn't there with me. I took Prakash along instead. We are planning another bigger screening on the 15th. Lets see if it pans out. The DVD's will be available for sale. And as a special extra, it comes along with the original soundtrack of the film and two short films on Doshi's beginnings and his outlook on the Bharat Diamond Bourse collapse. Both very engaging, even more thanks to Mr. Trent Reznor's themes.

So, there...